My name is Greg Hassan. I just made this site to get a consensus from the world.   Back in 1996, my brother, Scott Hassan,
and I were hanging out with Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford quite often.   My brother actually ended up writing the
original google search engine for which they rewarded him with a pile of Google stock years later.  Now, he is probably
worth between $1 to $3 billion!

He has hooked my dad up with a ~$10 million dollar pair of lake houses on Lake washington in Seattle and 2000 shares of
Google stock.  But, I dont get the same sort of benefits unfortunately. 

I ask you a simple question, what would you do for your family if you were that rich?  Perhaps, if enough people vote,
he might change his mind?   
My Brother's a Billionaire Poll

If you were a billionaire, how much would you give your brothers /sisters?

$10 million 66.7%
$0 29.2%
$1 million 2.1%
$100k 2.1%

Total votes: 48


Oh, I was in a bad accident a while back where I broke my back in 3 places, my shoulder, and punctured my lung.
That was lots of fun to recover from. If you have too much, I could always use donations for the endless medical bills.

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