My name is Greg Hassan.

My brother is Scott Hassan.

You probably havent heard of him but he wrote the original code for the Google Search engine back in 1996.

Here is a pic of him with Larry Page and Sergey Brin back in 05.

My brother rented this fancy mansion in Napa for his birthday party that year and invited up a bunch of his friends from Palo Alto. The owners wanted to charge $10k just to heat the pool... There was a private lake next to the house to kayak in and what not. You had to go through 2 security gates just to get to the house :) My brother was thinking of buying it but he decided it was too expensive at $21 million. Of course, he could have easily afforded it... I was all ready to move in but it was not to be. Oh, how that would have changed things...

Here is a memorial page I made for my mom when she passed away in 2013.

Twenty some years and he hasnt made us all millionaires yet. Not sure why he likes us all to struggle. He did set my dad up pretty nicely with this $10m lake house in seattle. My dad, Robert Hassan, was recently shot to death in Seattle. One of those random shootings you hear about all of the time. You never think its going to affect your family.

Now, if that is not bad enough, I find out a while later that my dad has changed his will 2 months prior to disinherit his 5 kids and 13 grandkids and leave his entire ~$2 million estate to his new wife of 2 months... I was in the will to get the majority for the past 30 years, ~$600k at this point, but oh well. And, get this, my siblings knew about the change beforehand and never told me... Gotta love my family :) So, anyways, I had no chance to try to change my dad's mind. I was thinking of contesting the will but it appears to cost a lot of money, $5k to start, and then potentially $100k if it goes to trial. I have made a gofundme page if you would like to donate to the cause. I think this will is just crazy and unfortunate but wills are hard to fight it turns out...

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